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Signs of Aging in Dogs

 As a dog owner it is difficult to watch your dog age and encounter the struggles of entering the senior years. We watch as their mobility becomes restricted, appetite changes and senses slow and become dull. Though most of the signs are obvious our dogs also have a distinct way of changing their behaviour to give us hints. Trouble Seeing and Hearing Though we may think they have adopted the selective hearing trait or are uninterested in what we are asking or telling them, this behaviour in dogs over 7 is usually a sign of hearing loss. Some may even show signs of surprise or being startled sometimes attributed to pain or sensitivity in that moment. Teaching hand signals is...

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Caring for Your Dog Collar

Our dog loves spending time at the cottage. She loves running around the property, heading out for a boat ride, leaping off the dock for a swim and rolling in the pine needles and leaves, before plunking down beside the fire for a nap at the end of the day. She loves the outing, but it takes a toll on her collar and when we head home at the end of the weekend her collar heads right for the laundry room. As dog owners, we know that when collars and harnesses do get dirty or wet, it’s important to clean them up and let them dry out. Leaving a collar or harness on your dog that is wet and dirty...

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Our Summer Spokes Dog Oliver

Meet Oliver our Summer Spokes Dog for the Kenyan Collection Canada. “Oliver” is a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier who lives on our family farm in Schomberg, Ontario.  Oliver takes his position of eldest member of our canine family very seriously and also enjoys spending time with our various  retired horses, rescue goats and pot-belly pigs  who  live with us.Oliver is a “horse show” dog and loves to travel with his family to various events throughout the year.  He can usually be spotted outside our tack room where he supervises all the comings and goings of the day.Oliver takes great care  in his appearance and can often be seen washing his face with his paws just like a cat.Oliver...

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